The name of my blog says it all I'm Jerrell and I'm a stone cold bitch who loves hard drinking, big dicks, and trouble. If I'm dead it’s probably because I got wasted and offered the grim reaper a hand job or something.-College-Woodwind specialist: Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Flute.-Boys-Girls

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My outfit was pretty much on point today 💁

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  • Ya'll be like: I love black girls......with european features
  • Ya'll be like: Black girls with afros are long as they got light skin.
  • Ya'll be like: Black girls are beautiful...but just the ones who are white passin' or as racially ambiguous as possible.
  • Ya'll be like: Natural hair is the best long as the curls are really really loose.


OMG I thought you’d never ask! YES! YESSS! YESSSS!!!!


when i see a cute boy on the street



Andrew Zo designed the Clifton engagement ring box, a unique product that not only conceals the ring in a slim, wallet-size container before the big proposal, but also unfolds to show the ring pirouetting like a blooming flower.



We all know that feeling, vending machine